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A Baptismal scene in the fall of 1917
in near Boles, Monroe Co. Ky of
Carlos Pennington - wife Ethyl & of Orvil (Grace) Rich
on & in the place of waters of uncle Frank Rhoton
 farm at the old (Cal Turner Mill sight)
Minister Bennett Grider
The Babtist Church
at Freedom no 2

Emma Netherton,             Lisha Rhoton
Lena Henderson,             Oliver Rhoton
Mary B. Emberton,          Douglas Wood
Jewell Yates,                    Andrew Arnett
Lillie Rhoton,                    Charlie Wood
Alta Hinson,                      Fred Earl Wood
Roxie Netherton,               Sid Rhoton
Molie Arnett,                    Oscar Poland
Hulet Rich,                        Hughis S
Sid Rhoton,                       Rad Rhoton
Ezra Rhoton (Lem's Son),  Bill Hinson
                                         George Moore
Bethel Crow,                     Fowler Netherton
Jim Rouse,                         Sirgie Poland
Willis Pennington,               Jim Ford
Dee Thomas
Ova Grace
Ethel (Holland) Pennington
Tom Arnett
Lem Rhoton
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Back Side of Picture  names are R to L and I think only include adults

The only person I know for sure is Dee Thomas (Middle Back)dee9.jpg (9935 bytes)

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