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About 1863 just after the Civil war.... A man named Joseph Monroe Thomas lived in Kentucky near one of the largest caves in the world. He was a farmer. He had moved to Kentucky from Virginia when he was a young boy. He came to Kentucky the same way as Dainiel Boone a few yrs before. He came with other families too. One family (the Hood family) settled in the same neighborhood as the Thomas family. Joseph fell in love with a girl named Sarah Hood and married her after serving in the Civil War. They had 4 children by 1870. Joseph was a farmer and he and Sarah didn't have enough money to have their own home, So they lived with some friends (the FitzGeralds). About that time a cousin of the FitzGeralds named Martha came to stay with them, she was about 20 yrs old and helped around the house and do chores and help with the family. Martha began to fall in love with Joseph. She was very jealous of Sarah and Martha wanted Joseph for her husband. There is one thing about Martha though, She was a witch. The story goes that she could make candles flicker and go out and She also made corn cobs dance on the family table and even jump over the Bible. One day... perhaps after she had seduced Joseph with a spell, she cast a spell on the morning coffee. She wanted to poison the mother Sarah and even her children. The witch had killed the mother and two of her children. The youngest two children did not drink coffee and were spared. Only 2 yrs later the witch lady married Joseph Thomas and they had many children. Years later the witch died.....just after the clock struck 12 O'clock midnight on Halloween! Although the people in Kentucky were superstitious, I have found nothing to disprove this story. Our Thomas family descend from one of the 2 surviving children not killed by the witch. William Martin Thomas and his sister Susan Jane Thomas were raised by Martha Geralds though.

Allen Thomas,

Joseph M. Thomas,

William M. Thomas,

Charles D. Thomas,

William W. Thomas,

Larrie R. Thomas,

DeCall W. Thomas

I hope that no members of our family are offended by this story. We love and appreciate all our family. I have tried to preserve this story to show clues to our past, and while I don't believe in witches or witchcraft, some of this story may be true, some may just be a story.

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